• Quick Stats

  • Avg Speed: 41.2km/h
  • Avg Power: 5.1w/kg
  • Avg Heartrate: 174BPM  

For the first time I decided I would give a IRL Time Trial ago, with limited opportunities to race such events Eastern Cape TT Championships was as good a place as any to see how I would take to the event discipline.

With this being very different to ZWIFT TT that I can stand and smash it as hard as I can for 20minutes this would require some strict positioning and keeping the cadence as high as possible compared to my normal 45rpm out the saddle power down and go approach. 

With no TT bike or full TT equipment setup I knew this was going to be a tough one to compete but thanks to Castelli Cycling for hooking me up with some of the latest and innovative tech garments direct from Italy just in time for one windy morning TT I was able to slice through the wind faster than it would have ever been possible in standard cycling gear.

 I was able to set the 3 fastest time on the day even though I was on my climbing road bike with no fancy gear, TT bars or deep dish wheels, only 6 seconds on the Elite Men’s TT title for 2021. Really happy with my silver medal spot setting some of my highest RPM on the road bike ever.