We did it sub 2hr 100km 

That was a hard 2 hrs. of Zwifting – The pace of the start was crazy hard and crazy strong and just when you thought it was settling it went up again.

In the end we pushed hard and broke the 100km 2hr barrier – great work to all.

Zwift was a little confused with the finish though as the finish line didn’t seem to actually be the finish as the results show from an earlier point and not at the finish banner as expected, not the first time Zwift got the finish a bit confused.

Great Work to Teammate  RJ for coming back strong after a leg cramp.

Some technical issues on the stream today – so split into 4 parts.

Weapons of choice:

  • Bike Choice: Specialized Venge S-Works: the most aero frame in game
  • Wheelset: Zipp 858/Super9

World: Watopia
Route: Tempus Fugit

My stats:

  • Average Power: 4.6w/kg | 294w
  • Normalised Power: 296w
  • Average Heartrate:  152bpm
  • Max Heartrate:  191bpm
  • Distance 100km+some
  • Duration : 1:59:15   (YES WE DID IT – bit over 100km)
  • Calories Burned: 2,054
  • Local Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Inside Temperature: 19° Celsius