Another Hot TTT night out.

 The day started at 28 °C at 8am, luckily it cooled down for the evening just in time as  we had a smaller team than normal with some of our riders sitting out to ride other events as we set out on another fast flat TTT.

We had good numbers and the times looked good but we soon started to loose some momentum and lost to much time towards the later parts.

Tough day out for the team, I was running on not so fresh legs, had to dig deep towards the end to keep going with some extra long pulls.

Was my first test with a new Audio setup so my stream was a bit different than normal and we now also have the Discord  overlay up and running for team events , ( just in case you were wondering team audio is muted, just my voice on the go) 

In my rush to get setup I missed my usual play list so that was also a little different than normal.

Ride On…