39 km – 20 laps of Downtown Dolphin
Tron Bike (Zwift Concept)

Speed:  average 47.0km/h  – max 71.6km/h
Heart Rate: average 167bpm – max 187bpm
Cadence: average 68rpm – max 107rpm
Power: average 328W – max 973W
Calories: 982

This is not one of the routes I get excited about, I like the reverse but this forward route is not one that has ever done me well in the past or present.

No one really wanted to work on getting a break away as most had big sprint numbers ready to push for the line, I always knew if it came to the line I would not have much chance on the sprint, so I went in trying to make it as hard for everyone as possible in the hope we would drop the sprinters off, but this was not going to happen and as expected a sprint finish was on the line.

Looking forward to some hills again cool