The first race of the ZWIFT Classics – Yorkshire Grand Prix (Central Europe) C1


2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit

3 Laps 41 km

After a bit of rest to save the legs for an all out battle on one of the toughest race routes on ZWIFT I was surprised to find my old nemesis  Lennert Teugels (BZR-SPSD) had decided to enter the event. This put me immediately into attack mode to try get as many points as I could before the breakaway ( it always happens) that was not really sure I could go with.

All seemed to be going great until I missed a break of the front while having a sip of juice, at this point I moved to the front only to realize the cap was already to big to push down on, but with a teammate in the break (Martin Maertens) I was happy to try slow things down a bit to help him stand a chance at a podium spot.

With the crazy pace up front the break was slowly fading and we caught up to them (almost). Catching my teammate but just not able to close the last few seconds onto the leaders as they put down one crazy last attack at the line against each other.

One final last sprint to the line and I just managed to get the 3rd spot placing and hitting 192bpm I almost blew up..
That was one crazy hard race and the legs are feeling a little hard done by today. Until next time #RideOn #goZWIFT #WTRL