Now with my bike secure again and a new quick release installed it was time to test the setup again to see if everything was ready to race.

After seeing this route come up Everything Bagel in New York, I was super keen for some climbing action again, not a big fan of all this draft and sprint flat racing but what can you do.

The first reverse glass climb kicks in very quick from the start and gets you on max heart rate within minutes of leaving the pen, really could have done with a bit more of a warmup, but its been so crazy hot this week and I have been struggling with an elevated heartrate for the last few days, so nothing was going to be easy.  Legs did not feel that great on the first climb and I was not able to go with the pace and ended up in the chase group after the first climb, but with this being relatively flat race besides the two big bumps in the road their was lots of time to work hard and get back on that wheel, with the help of the early pace setter having some technical issues and dropping out the pace was dropped in the front making for the opportunity to push onto the breakaway.

Second Climb was good and one of my favorited climbs on Zwift to race, and was able to stay with the guys over the top and start getting ready for the fast paced negative gradient sprint finish. At least you know after all that climbing the sprint will be more inline with my power numbers and actually doable with the right timing.

A few hard attacks of the front leading the line, all reeled in and one final early sprint  I was able to draft up to, with the help of a perfectly timed powerup to go over the top with one last dig at the line for the win.

  Ride on..


Cervelo S5 2020

ZIPP 858 Wheelset 

Kept it as aero as possible with such a rolling fast route.