So how to start, maybe at the beginning.. after making sure everything was checked and double checked.. 2 hrs. of trying to get my #$%#%# trainer app to calibrate correctly and my secondary Zoom and Discord laptops network card on the bonk I had to switch out pcs last minute. Only to find that the quick release on my trainer/bike was loose and just after the start of the race opened up leaving me with no room to apply any proper power output without the bike jumping and a very load nock nock on each pedal stroke. 

Not the first time I’ve had quick release drama , but always thought it was me only it turns out the quick release itself is faulty. After replacing it the bike is more secure than ever.. now just not to break another BB.

The race itself was hard as expected, but I was really stressing my self out way more than needed, sitting in the start pen on 100+bpm not ideal for a big race. Drama = no warmup and leads to more pre race stress. I was just unable to keep the heartrate down and over heating ( next time I’m taking the shirt off, not working on hot South African nights) . The team did really well to secure some point on the evening and a top ride from all. The ladies team did exceptionally well yet again and big Kudos to them.

Ride On..

In game Equiment:

Cervelo S5 2020

ZIPP 858 Wheelset

The fastest setup available for a high speed  “sorta” flat race.