Back at it again for week 2 of the ZWIFT Premier Division Race 2 in Casse-Pattes France, this time with my bike secure and new team kit.

Nerves are still not taking things so well, a lot of pressure for these late night races now I just need my legs not to let me down, I think they are having a little bit of anxiety from all the pressure on them to perform.

This time I had one goal in mind hold on till the finish and take as little riders to the line, the new draft seems to suite the heavier riders almost outright and us lighter riders are having to work so much harder to stay in the draft without getting popped out the back.

After a few attempts at the making sure I had good positioning into the segments I realised I didn’t have any top end in my legs and they seem to fade pretty quick into my efforts. 

I was ready for the final sprint and thought I had pretty good positioning and timing, but seem to have got caught out by some clever Burrito Power Ups being dropped (Bringing the Pain The old Burrito powerup simply turned off your avatar’s slipstream for 10 seconds, so no other riders could benefit by sitting in your draft.) I managed to push through for a 12th spot on the line and happy to finally get some points on the table for the team. That’s one sneaky powerup.

Equipment for the night:

Scott Addict RC paired with the DT Swiss ARC 1100 DiCut 62 Wheelset

Ride On…