After a nightmare of a TTT , over heating & heartrate through the door a drop out at the worst possible time, I was able to come back for the scratch race with strong 3rd spot on a sprint that really isn’t my forte, but a well timed effort  is all that is needed to make the best out of a watt explosion around you. Strong team performance and great team work getting Martin in the perfect position for those KOM points.  All round strong season and qualifying us for the premier division next ZRL session. Not to forget the fact I was able to race the entire race on battery backup after our power went out 30min in (South African load shedding at its best)

Weapon of choice:

  • Zwift Concept (TRON) Bike

ZRL Team:

  • Lars Wichert (Germany)
  • Eddy Hoole (South Africa)
  • Aaron Borrill (South Africa based  in the UK )
  • Martin Maertens (Germany)
  • RJ Cowan (USA)
  • Mateusz Siarka (Poland based in Canada)